You gotta love a good debate. I’d like to examine one in the home-building industry. And that’s the case for windows. Especially when it comes to small house plans.

Small home designs create challenges when it comes to lifestyle. And there are plenty of opinions about what works and what doesn’t work. Whether we’re talking ceiling heights, hallways, room sizes or energy efficiency, you’ll always find an opposing view. Let’s take a look at two sides of “The Great Window Debate!” where one side wants to minimize the number of windows and the other wants more.

The Naysayers

Limit the size and number of windows! Economy rules with small house designs. When building or remodeling, windows are expensive and not as energy efficient as a well-insulated wall. They also create engineering issues since excessive windows, or windows placed close to wall corners, make structural integrity difficult to achieve.

Aye Aye, Sir!

Hogwash! The more windows the merrier. Lifestyle rules with small home floor plans. While windows are more expensive, they also add more value to the home. And the value comes from the addition of pleasurable living. With a small house plan, engineering issues are minimal to begin with and keeping windows a few inches away from corners should eliminate those concerns.

Windows add light and expansiveness to the home. Windows add interest and appeal to both the interior and exterior of a home. Windows make a small house design seem bigger.

The Aye’s Have it!

In my experience, the benefits far outweigh the negatives. Design your small home with more windows in the main living areas where most of your actual living occurs. You can economize in the areas where you spend very little time.